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Paleo Granola

This isn't your typical granola.

It doesn't have any oats, nuts, or seeds in it.

What it does have is nutrient-dense ingredients that will keep you feeling satiated and full of energy:

Coconut (sulfite-free) 

Supports thyroid & immune system health, is anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.  Full of fiber and good fat, it promotes weight loss as well as many other health benefits! 


 A high-fiber food that aids digestion and can help keep you feeling full.  Contains immune-boosting vitamins A and C.



Anti-oxidant rich, high in fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K and iron. 


Local Maple Syrup

Contains inflammation-reducing polyphenol antioxidants and fairly high amounts of zinc, manganese and potassium.

This granola is perfect for those avoiding gut-aggravating foods, following an elimination diet (such as the Autoimmune Paleo Protocol) or for any

granola lover! 

Does not contain grains, nuts, or seeds specifically to provide a quick, easy food option for those on restrictive diets.  These food groups are not only common allergies, but can pose problems for those with digestive troubles or Leaky Gut Syndrome.


Lightly sweetened with banana, medjool dates and 100% pure Adirondack maple syrup. 

* does contain nutmeg, a spice that is initially eliminated in the autoimmune protocol