WildFlora Provisions’ mission is to provide delicious, nutrient-dense foods that promote good gut health, are compliant with an anti-inflammatory healing protocol and are free from the top food allergens.


Hey! Thanks for swinging by!  My name is Hannah and I’m a Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner, autoimmune warrior, recipe developer and outdoor adventurer living in the heart of the Adirondacks in Upstate New York.

While following a very restrictive diet for a few years to help manage my autoimmune symptoms, I quickly noticed how difficult it was to find quick and easy, on-the-go packaged foods I could eat.  So I was immediately determined to develop a line of food products that offers delicious

and nourishing options for everyone, but especially for those following a

gut-healing autoimmune paleo protocol.

WildFlora Provisions was created with the mission to offer my fellow autoimmune warriors more convenient food options while following their strict AIP healing diet.  Adhering to a very restrictive diet makes it hard to find packaged foods that you can take on-the-go or have around for a quick meal before you have to rush out the door.  Most of the packaged options out there contain ingredients that are not allowed on the AIP diet like nuts, seeds, sugar, bad vegetable oils, grains, etc. So cooking every meal at home almost becomes a necessity, which can infringe on spontaneity, socializing and travel.  And I believe no diet should get in the way of your joy or freedom!

Both the name and the logo were inspired by the gut microbiome since it is so critical to our wellbeing.  We are all individuals with a very unique variety of gut bacteria, or flora, that are quite wild by nature.  Depending on the quality of our diet, our gut bacteria can either help or hinder our personal health goals. Understanding how important this is, I design all of

my products using ingredients that promote a happy microbiome.

Our provisions are minimally processed (just baked, dehydrated or cultured) and contain high quality, health-promoting ingredients that are mostly certified organic and fair trade, and always non-GMO.  While quality organic ingredients cost more, it is important to me to use only the best and I am unwilling to compromise on that!

In good health,


made in the

Adirondack Mountains



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