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Made by a Nutritional


With Your Gut Health in Mind

Grain, Nut & Seed-Free Granola

A healthy gut is essential for a healthy life.  That's why WildFlora Provisions makes everything without foods that have been shown to negatively impact the gut micro-biome and create inflammation.  


Provisions are free from:

Gluten.  Grains.  Dairy.  Soy.  Nuts.

Seeds.  Eggs.  Refined Sugars.

Autoimmune Paleo  ~  Paleo  ~  Vegan  ~  Gluten-Free  ~  Nut-Free

made in the

 Adirondack Mountains

in Upstate New York

"OG granola. Legit.  It's ahhhhmazing!"
- Chani
"This is the best granola
I've had in my life"
- Jonny
"Best granola I've ever
had, hands down"
- Christina

Simple Ingredients

Small Batch

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